Knowledge Leadership in Innovation and Creativity, Pakistan’s first international conference on innovation is now in its third year and coming to Karachi on November 29 and 30, 2016. KLIC brings together innovative minds, practitioners and facilitators from Pakistan and abroad for a series of talks and workshops on topics such leadership, innovation and creative thinking.

This year we focus on change, the only constant in our lives. Our theme is “Flowing Rivers – Constant Change” inspired by Heraclitus’ famous quote,

“A man never steps into the same river twice”

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Just in the last few years we have innovations such as the hoverboard, agricultural drones and drone airports, wireless electricity, 3D printing, smartwatches, selfie sticks, virtual reality and tons more. Companies that choose to stand still in these changing times will become peripheral.

The question is – what do they need to do in order to keep abreast, adapt and compete?

The answer lies in innovation. Not just ground breaking, industry shaking, radical innovation. But even more of the everyday, normal, incremental innovation – that improves existing products, services, processes, and management. However, it is not a simple matter of the leadership, sitting in its citadel, issuing a command to the troops to innovate. It requires real purpose, a change in attitude, a culture of trust and integrity, and a temperament of positive thinking.

Enter KLIC.

A conference where you listen to success stories, experiences and thought provoking keynotes, followed by workshops led by experts in creative thinking, innovation, design thinking and other fields. You also learn about yourself, your problem solving preferences and your personality by attending our Foursight and MBTI workshops.